Welcome to Dr Doggystyle’s Mortal Kombat Museum !
My name is Bryan A.K.A. Dr Doggystyle and with this site I want to show you my Mortal Kombat Kollection.
I live in The Netherlands (that’s a small country in Europe between the UK, Germany and Belgium).
Since MK came out in 1992 I was a fan of it and played it a lot in the arcade halls and later on my Sega console.

My Kollection :
I started this kollection in december 2006 when I first saw a website called the MK Museum.
That site had so much MK items and i didn’t knew those were available.
Here in The Netherlands we only had the MK games and some UK MK merchandise.
I first started kollecting MK figures but later on it became shirts, caps and much more various items.

In 2011 I saw a custom made Scorpion & Sub-Zero bobble heads on ebay and I read that the seller was willing to ship outside the US. I contacted the seller and asked for a shipping price.
Since that moment we had contact and he told me that the MK Museum was his website. So Kool !
He was selling more items and i was buying a lot from him.
So thanks to my friend Joe A.K.A MK Kollector (in my opinion the greatest MK Kollector of the WORLD since the beginning of MK with various MK items) i now have this great & huge MK Kollection !
Thank you Joe for making this possible for me !
I have preserved Joe’s website and mirrored it to keep it alive (see the link above).
I also have added Joe’s ebay page where you can find nice (MK) items he is selling.
Funny fact : The custom Scorpion & Sub-Zero bobble heads I got as a gift from Joe and everytime I look at them it reminds me of this story.

Thanks to :
Here are some people who I want to thank for making able to share my Kollection with you before I had my own website :
– Storms (Scott) & Staff members from TestYourMight.com website
– Patrick from TRMK.org website
– Gerchap from MortalKombatUnited.com website

These guys i want to thank for getting me nice items :
– MK Kollector (Joe)
– Matt who was another great MK Kollector like Joe back in the days
– OriginalRazer (John) Follow Him on Twitter !
– Steve Burrick (The Belgian MK Kollector) His collection
– Jasper (Dutch MK Kollector)
– Ssub-zzero (Chris) His collection
– Tabmok99 (Justin) Follow Him on Twitter !
– Fraysol (Fred) Follow Him on Twitter !

More thanks to :
– Rox vd Helm from XGN for the video interview and the nice questions for the interviews with other MK Kollectors.
– Jan Meijroos from Metro for publishing an interview in the daily newspaper.

A BIG thanks to :
– Anna Maria from Media Tornado for making the interview with Jan Meijroos & Rox vd Helm possible.
– Harmen from Warner Bros NL for some nice promo items of MK.

Hope you have a good time here taking a trip to the old skool merchandise of Mortal Kombat
Get over here !

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