Welcome to Dr Doggystyle’s Mortal Kombat Museum interview page !

As a MK Kollector my dream was to get an interview about my MK Kollection.
Thanks to some people i got these interviews.(read below for more info)
I had an idea to interview other MK Kollectors when my website is done.
But of course im not good in making questions so i asked Rox (who interviewed me on a Dutch MK Tournament) if she could make some questions for me.
She made it in Dutch and i translated them in English and started to ask the other MK Kollectors i have contact with if they want to answer those questions for me.
On this page you will see all those interviews.

In this interview section i want to thank :
– Rox vd Helm from XGN for making the questions for me.
– All the MK Kollectors i have interviewed.

Also i want to thank these people for interviewing me :
– Storms (Scott) from (English interview)
– Edwin from Kuzure (Dutch interview)
– Jan Meijroos from Metro (Dutch interview in a daily newspaper)
– Rox vd Helm from (Dutch video interview) English translation here

A big thanks to :
– Anna Maria from Media Tornado for making the interviews with Jan Meijroos & Rox vd Helm possible.

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