Ssub-Zzero (Chris)

Dr Doggystyle interviews Ssub-Zzero (Chris)

1) When did you first became interested in Mortal Kombat and why?
1992, i became infected when i saw the first spot on tv, mortal kombat mega drive and snes……. that was the day i become a mortal kombat fan … i run to my dad and say that i need this mortal kombat game for my sega master system, lol, i got this game until now, it costs me 130 deutsche mark… lol… i have the sticker on the gamebox, lol…. oh man.

2) When did you started collecting Mortal Kombat Merchandise ?
hmmm, when did i start? i bought all games when they come out, for my console that i have in use at this time, or i try it, without inet when you live in a small city then its hard to get banned games, or “used games, but “full kollekting” i think 2006, or 2007… till 2011, now its over… i buy the games (standard version), but i dont kollect everything on, i hate to buy 4 editions of a game for only one console means that i need 10 games for full kollekting (8 sealed, 1 mk for ps3, 1 mk for xbox for gaming…) …. thats why i quit kollekting.

3) Do you collect other things besides Mortal Kombat ?
yes, phantom comics, ^^ & gamemachines

4) What makes it so fun to collect Mortal Kombat items compared to people who collect different things?
i dont know….. i like mortal kombat …

5) What is the coolest item you own?
a boxed, not sealed = 🙁 version of MK 1 & II for PC i think, or maybe the lifesize kung lao figure.

6) And what would you still like to have?
all mk stuff selead incl. games, hats …. lol

7) What do you think is the best Mortal Kombat game ever?
mk II, mk 9

8) If you could wake up as a Mortal Kombat character, who would it be and why?
sub zero, he can freeze things, that would be amazing…

9) Which fatality certainly should be made into a game which hasn’t been made yet?
my character with my fatalities ^^

10) Dating Megan Fox / your dream woman or get your merchandise collection complete? Which would you prefer ?
lol complete the collection. collections are for life , a date expires after 3-4 hours…

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