Originalrazer (John)

Dr Doggystyle interviews Originalrazer (John)

1) When did you first became interested in Mortal Kombat and why?
I first became interested in MK at a very young age. I witnessed my uncles playing MK 1 for Sega Saturn, I tried playing myself but was far too young to understand it. I kept getting pulled towards Scorpion lol Seeing klips of the first movie very young sparked interest too. 🙂

2) When did you started collecting Mortal Kombat Merchandise ?
I had always been buying the games when I was young. As far as other MK memorabilia I started really kollecting about 3-4 years ago.

3) Do you collect other things besides Mortal Kombat ?
Yes. I like to kollect old anime vhs and dvds, PanterA merchandise, Highlander merchandise as well as old random action figures and video games.

4) What makes it so fun to collect Mortal Kombat items compared to people who collect different things?
To me it all goes back to my childhood. Id see advertisements for kool MK kollectables Id always want to buy but was much too young to afford. Id see action figures in shops and just be sad that I kouldn’t own any of them. So I guess its me living my childhood fantasies that makes it so fun.

5) What is the coolest item you own?
I kouldn’t pick just one but a few favorites of mine are my Scorion T-Shirt (also had the Sub-Zero version but it was damaged beyond repair), the original MK1 and II John Tobias komics, a golden MK Dragon pin from E3 a few years back and a 4 foil “laser sticker” pack that includes Kano, Scorpion, Johnny Cage and Raiden.

6) And what would you still like to have?
2 items that kome to mind straight away are an original Goro statue and a Gil Hibben “MK Movie Edition” Raptor Blade.

7) What do you think is the best Mortal Kombat game ever?
I kan’t choose one. I love MK1-UMK3 but im also loving MK 2011, playing it every day.

8) If you could wake up as a Mortal Kombat character, who would it be and why?
Hmmmm who wouldn’t wanna be JOHNNY CAGE!!!!!! lol

9) Which fatality certainly should be made into a game which hasn’t been made yet?
I would like to see The Bell Tower Fatality return.

10) Dating Megan Fox / your dream woman or get your merchandise collection complete? Which would you prefer ?
Konsidering I know practically 0% about her id go for having a komplete kollection. 🙂 Yeah im a NERD! 😉 As for my Dream woman???? Id have to find her before answering that question lol

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