MortalKombat_MT (Rodney)

Dr Doggystyle interviews MortalKombat_MT (Rodney)

1) When did you first became interested in Mortal Kombat and why?
1992 when I saw the game on arcade and went to buy it for my PC, altough I was dissapointed as the arcade graphics where much cooler.

2) When did you started collecting Mortal Kombat Merchandise ?
Started in 1992 when I bought the first MK1, but my collection started taking off after 2001, because I was broke before. ALso started a website for Malta

3) Do you collect other things besides Mortal Kombat ?
I collect old Malta currency.

4) What makes it so fun to collect Mortal Kombat items compared to people who collect different things?
For me, when I think of MK, I think of my child hood and all the hours I spent with my brother, best cousin and friends in the arcades and on my DOS 486 PC

5) What is the coolest item you own?
I must say the 3 original arcade cabinets which I have shipped from the UK to Malta, which was quite expensive and still restoring them. Also a signed, mint condition, MK2 Collectors edition Komic. And all my sealed games and also from Rich Divizio himself some Kano T-shirts.

6) And what would you still like to have?
Goro resin Statue, All SYCO Collectibles statues, MK3 cabinet

7) What do you think is the best Mortal Kombat game ever?
MK1-MK3 are the best as they where the original. I play them on the arcades. MK 2011 is cool too, but you can never beat the originals

8) If you could wake up as a Mortal Kombat character, who would it be and why?
Sounds like any other mk fan, but Scorpion.

9) Which fatality certainly should be made into a game which hasn’t been made yet?
Johnny cage should have a fatality to mutilate the NUTS BTW, I have been suggesting Freddy Kruger for ages, and I will never know if they liked my idea or just a coincidence

10) Dating Megan Fox / your dream woman or get your merchandise collection complete? Which would you prefer ?
Hmmm, all available merchandise I guess hehe

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